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TWONN is an innovative, advanced company with a focus on sustaining our environment and our planet by creating an advanced organic biotechnology. After an intensive research, carried out since 1999, we have managed to produce a series of revolutionary products for the market.


  • To establish the advance 24th century biotechnology to create a worldwide catalyst to support our ecosystem.
  • To create an agricultural economic base in the Third World countries to eradicate hunger
  • To face the emerging food problem with a world population of 9.6 billion by the year 2050 with a short and long term vision.




After studying our research for workable processes in nature we have managed to apply them in our products. Because of this we can offer environmentally friendly products. We are focused in the developments of biological products for humans and animals and stabilizing an organic lifestyle.

For a number of years TWONN has searching for new alternatives in relation to the current chemical products. With the knowledge in plant biology, microbiology and biotechnology.

TWONN is focused on stabilizing an organic lifestyle for humanity in all areas of life in which every individual can flourish in a healthy manner.

With this clear mission and purpose TWONN is determined to raise the awareness for a global change to an organic way of life and to preserve the ecosystem for ourselves and for our next generation.




Costly organic advance bio-solutions that help farmers/growers to grow organically.
Increase a harvest of + 15-40% of high nutritional fruits and crops and plants.

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Showing you the road to a new powerful healthy you. Let me show you how to create a organic inexpensive healthy living for you & your family.

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Animals are part of the cycle of live let’s keep your pets and animals healthy and strong with our new advance products for animals.

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Research & Development

TWONN has its own Research Development and production department is constantly working on optimization of existing products and developing new products.

Through innovation, creativity, know-how and producing quality our R&D is highly perceptive to the needs in the agricultural sector with the focus on the preservation of our environment and our planet by creating an advance organic biotechnology nutrient/fertilizers that organically produces high yields for the agricultural sector.


This also applies in the other product sectors “Essentials” and “Animals”. With a unique revolutionary products range TWONN has the ability to cause a chain reaction with an advance biotechnology for a healthy approach in our food chain and our health problems .A science applied in the full TWONN range of products developed for humans and animals.

This is based on a combination of natural and organic ingredients, including vitamins, minerals and herbal products that take care of an optimal functioning of the organs and strengthening the immune system. This lead to a significantly stronger physical functioning and a minimum of sicknesses.


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