TWONN Sport Gel ®



TWONN Sport Gel is a gel developed for the supporting muscles during exercise.


Support  the muscles during extreme sport  it  protects, cares for the muscles and causes a rise in enzyme and metabolic activity and improves the efficiency of muscle contraction.


TWONN Sports Gel contains active plant extract  ingredients that increases the temperature and  creates  a pleasant warmth sensation in the muscles and  increases the temperature of the area in which it applies.

The heating effect allows muscles  to become more extensible. This makes stretching  of  the  muscles easier and more effectively.



  • Decreases the incidence of muscle strains.
  • increase in blood flow, and increase in oxygen to muscle tissue.
  •  increase in the temperature of the blood for the oxygen to leave the blood and enter  the muscle tissues.
  • Fast recovery of the muscles,


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